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Skip the empty promises and long lead times with an experienced supplier that has the right caster for the job. 

Chances are you’ve experienced the frustration of supply chain delays that can compromise your production schedule and available inventory. This trickle-down effect can result in backorders or even lost sales, but that’s not the worst of it. If your reputation is questioned as a dependable manufacturer, the effects can be devastating as customers begin to research your competitors.

You need a supplier that can meet your stock requirements with the right parts on hand when you need them. 

Toolbox Caster Sets For Every Application

Quality toolboxes are designed to meet high demands and daily distress. Casters are a critical component that is expected to withstand the same conditions. Acme Caster Company stocks many styles of caster sets to match the environment.

You need a supplier that can meet your stock requirements with the right parts on hand when you need them. All of these wheel types come with options for rigid or swivel mounts, with or without brakes.

Rubber wheels on steel

Rubber bonded to a cast iron core. These wheels are quiet in operation and absorb shock and vibration. They help prolong equipment life and protect cargo. 

Phenolic wheels

Provides superior floor protection, and resists hard impacts, most chemicals, and steam. This wheel provides high capacity at an economical cost.

Polyolefin wheels

Number 1 selling caster for your toolbox. Designed for hard impacts and heavy loads. Superior resistance to most oils, chemicals, grease, gasoline, cooking fats, and acids. In addition, the wheel is stain resistant and non-marking.

Polyurethane wheels

High capacity and lightweight. Resists oil, grease, water, and most solvents. Smooth-rolling, quiet, and non-marking.

Over 50 years of experience and knowledge for you.

Acme Caster Co. is a full-line caster house with a wide variety of wheels and components for any application. Take advantage of the decades of knowledge to match the ideal caster set for your specific need.

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